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We are always looking for people to volunteer and support our work. There are lots of different ways that you can support us in our mission to share the SEJ with the world, helping people to become Self Empowered in all areas of their lives, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

We wouldn’t be able to share the SEJ with as many people as we do without your help, so a big thank you.

We know that many people would love to volunteer but don't know what they can offer, we believe everyone has something to give, and so here are a few suggestions to get you thinking of how you might like to support us:

You could offer a space to host an event at your work, with friends and family, or in your community. You'll be supported by one of our SEJ Facilitators who will help in the organisation, planning and delivery of the SEJ, or why not become a SEJ Facilitator yourself.


You could share your experiences of the SEJ in a written or video testimonial, or at an SEJ event. Lend a hand at a future event, or at Head Office with administration, accounts, promotions, websites, social media, marketing.


Why not assist in our Research Projects, or make a donation


If you would like to raise awareness of the power of the SEJ in helping our young people to 'stay mentally healthy', or get the message out that we can 'be depression free', or set up a fundraising event then please let us know.

Share our blogs and promote our work on social media.  

Others? Do you have an idea? We would love to hear it, so please get in touch.

Please get involved and support us today!

Thank you.

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