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SEJ Trainer Videos

Please click on the video icons below to access the videos.

University staff SEJ Process Training / CPD

This bespoke CPD training allows yourself as SEJ Trainers to see how to manage online training events when they don’t go to plan! – This event started 30 minutes late and had an unexpected mixed audience of both online and in person attendees making it more difficult to manage; and yet it was a successful event.

SEJ Process Training Part 2 - The SEJ Worksheet

This training shows how to complete the SEJ worksheet and it provides a wonderful example of the struggles a student might have when their mind is very busy and can't access Truth. The example shows how Mary supports the student in realising they have their own answers. It is also an example of how Step 1 (the problem) keeps appearing throughout the process if not completed thoroughly at this stage, and the importance of re-visiting this step until the thought chosen to work on is actually revealed.

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