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Join as an Exclusive Member  or if you are already a member then access your Exclusive Members area to ensure you are getting all the support you need to begin and advance on your Self Empowerment Journey.


The idea behind this exclusive membership is threefold:

1. Enables Mary to go on the journey with you, interacting with you through the live vibrant online community, free live weekly workshops, and exclusive members only special offers to keep you motivated and moving towards your ultimate Self Empowerment.


2. Brings together those people who are dedicated and disciplined, ready to take personal responsibility and accountability rendering them the architect of their life.  When we come together we learn, grow and become Self Empowered.

3. Cost-effective option to Self Empowerment.

With exclusive members only offers, free live weekly events with Mary and a live vibrant community with SEJ experts on hand to guide and support you. Becoming an Exclusive Member means you won’t be left behind. 

Mary Phillips

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