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The hidden layers of the SEJ Process

There are 4 layers to the SEJ Process:

  1. Stay Mentally Healthy - As you do the SEJ Process by Step 2 you will notice a physiological and psychological change. In essence you will quite simply feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. As you continue the process this will then lead to a change in behaviour and ability to take empowered actions.

  2. Intuition - Again by Step 2, you are able to access your intuition or 'gut'. People use this to seek answers to questions beyond those the mind gives us.

  3. Dissolve Beliefs - by Step 4 you will have dissolved any limiting beliefs and as result obstacles are removed and you notice positive change in your life situations.

  4. SELF Empowered - As you continue to practice the SEJ, which is a process of self-enquiry you will find that the more beliefs you dissolve the more you dis-identity from the mind, realising who you are not, and therefore at some point able to answer the question 'Who Am I?' In essence you become Self-realised.

So, whatever you are using the SEJ Process for it will enhance your life; a powerful life skill that can be used moment to moment in all situations, anytime, anywhere.

Additional support and development through all the 4 layers is available through our weekly SEJ Practice Workshops and Satsang.

Love Mary x

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