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How to remove limitations and become limitless

Jacqueline Mary Phillips D.Hyp;Mhf

I often speak of the ‘deeper dimension within’. However, I wonder how easy it is for you to touch this dimension when you are identified with the mind? A mind that limits you.

When you don’t question your thoughts, you believe your thoughts to be true, because you believe your thoughts to be yours. That YOU are having a thought about a situation, person or event that is occurring now, or in the past or imagined future. From the believing of these thoughts’ emotions are triggered and actions are taken. The problem is these actions come from memory, because all thoughts are memory, and so this is a re-enacting of the past.

When you have dis-identified from the mind (thoughts), and in turn have been able to see that the only reason you are experiencing emotions is because of a believed thought, and the only reason you are taking action is because you can’t help but re-enact the past because of a believed thought. You are left with only one place to go, and that place is deeper within. Questions begin to arise within you, questions such as ‘if I am not my thoughts, emotions or body then who am I?’

When using the SEJ process you learn that your thoughts, emotions, and body are simply ‘tools’ within which you express your SELF. This SELF is unlimited in nature, and it is this deeper dimension within that we call the True Self. This True Self uses the ‘tools ‘ of mind, body, and emotion to express the unlimited nature of your being. When you are identified with these tools you can only ever experience a limited version of self, and others. To be free of such limitations, to reach your full potential, to soar; is to know the True Self.

To know the True Self you must be introduced, you must build a relationship which would require time and space in your life within which to do so. To sit at step 2 of the SEJ Process is to invite the True Self to introduce the limitless possibilities that truth offers. And when you bring these limitless possibilities into awareness and action them, you find that you are once more open to life, no longer contained or restrained by the limited thoughts or experience of a smaller version of you.

So, in truth you are limitless, begin your Self Empowerment Journey and reach your full potential as the limitless being that you are in truth.

Love Mary x

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