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How to manifest your dream life

Jacqueline Mary Phillips D.Hyp;Mhf

The journey towards Self Realisation is a personal journey.

It is a journey of SELF Empowerment which in turn leads you to live the life of your dreams.

Do you dare to dream, and more so do you dare to dream BIG?


Whatever your heart desires can become a manifestation in your world, there is only one thing stopping it, and that 'thing' (as it were) is YOU!

You must learn:

How to get out of your own way.

How to let go and let life work through you.

How to become one with life.

As you practice the SEJ you come to realise that you are life. That there is no separation between you and life.

Does it all sound like a riddle?

Well, it really is quite simple, as you practice the SEJ you can unlock your true potential as you realise the True Self. You simply need to know who you are in Truth and from this place all that is dreamt can become a reality.

Love Mary x

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