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How to be happy

Jacqueline Mary Phillips D.Hyp;Mhf

I am sure you have heard many people say, 'happiness comes from within', but what exactly does this mean?

Let's begin by looking at what makes you happy; the job you always wanted, having children, the boss saying all the right things to you, the new car, house, or relationship. Maybe you would be happy if your partner listened to you more, or spent more time with you, or less time even!

The point is everyone has a list of what they want, and they want what they want because they believe these things will make them happy. So, if it is true that happiness comes from within why are we wasting so much time trying to get these things?

Maybe you don't believe happiness comes from within because you've experienced the opposite. You've learnt that when the right job, new partner etc appears in your world you are happy, and when they go you are unhappy. So, happiness is not something experienced within, happiness is a result of life going your way, and unhappiness is a result of life not going your way. But is it?

Happiness never lasts for long when life is dictating how you feel. This was the realisation which came to me and now today brings the SEJ Process to you, it enables you to go within and find the answer to the question - 'does happiness come from within?' Step one of the SEJ process shows you how life determines your experience, emotions, and actions or rather reactions, Steps 2 - 4 take you inwards where happiness can be found and anchored into your experience (regardless of the life situation). This is freedom!

You have only so much control over your life, but you have 100% control over you.

Time to look in, not out, try out the SEJ to find your happiness today.

Love Mary x

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