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Donate to our 'Stay Mentally Healthy' Campaign and Charity

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Ii is our dream to offer the SEJ Process training to everyone, as such we have launched a 'Stay Mentally Healthy' campaign and charity. Your donations and volunteering contributions enable us to realise our dream. 

Take a look below at our current projects, and if you want to get involved we are always looking for volunteers

Our Education Project

The SEJ is a huge support to students of all ages, helping them to reach their full potential as they endeavour to find their place in the world. Students of all backgrounds and ages, have been helped by using the SEJ in support of their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  We know that services are not always available to students in the moment they are needed, with long waiting lists often an issue. Equally many students don't always want to ask for help for fear of being labelled.


Teaching students the SEJ Process enables them to help themselves and long before problems become too big to handle. It bypasses the need for waiting lists as they deal with their problems in the moment they arise. 


We need funding to be able to offer the SEJ to as many educational settings as possible.

We are grateful for any donation large or small. Thank you.





Acknowledgements of the SEJ from a variety of educators and students

“Doing the SEJ worksheet made me address all the stress I had that I didn't even realise were there and helped me cope and make peace with them. I felt like I was ready to revise again and when it came to doing my exam on Monday, I didn't feel the horrible sense of anxiety that I normally do. It was truly a beneficial experience that will help me through uni and even work life.”



“This is my first year and honestly, I am very impressed that Kingston University offers this module. I have watched the video and it was very helpful as I believe we really need this! Mental health is so important especially in these new circumstances!”



“Jacqueline and the Process have undoubtedly helped me feel the most in control of my mind and mental health in my life. Her sessions were full of joy and really helped me cut straight to the core of why I carried out certain patterns of behaviour and thought. I feel completely renewed and ready to take on life again!”



“By the end of the SEJ worksheet I was smiling, and laughing at myself for my own thoughts, and I saw how this worksheet had changed my opinion on something so troubling to myself. It helped me get closure with the situation and motivated me to work at my goals.”



“…an amazing, valuable and essential resource in supporting us with vulnerable pupils and enabling us to provide early intervention…, has enabled pupils to develop strategies and resilience to cope with issues that are causing anxiety in their emotional lives."

Primary School SENCo


"The simple yet powerful SEJ process is needed at Universities to support students, particularly those who may have mental health challenges who are living disempowered and disengaged lives while at University. Often, they know they need help but are either unwilling to seek support or feel unable and uneasy in asking for help due to the stigma attached to mental health. I have seen first-hand what the consequences of these shortcomings mean to these young people, and how life changing the SEJ Process has been for them. In order for these students to access tools and resources available through the SEJ, it is necessary that funding is made available to enable them to flourish and reach their full potential in their own unique way."

I am a keen and a passionate advocate of the SEJ as I have experienced it on a personal as well as a professional level. I have seen its power and effectiveness on numerous occasions and its effects are everlasting. One of the key factors for me is not just its simplicity and effectiveness but also that once learnt and practiced you can apply it ANYWHERE. I have applied the SEJ in classrooms, corridors, during practical sessions and it results in immediate resolution. Through using the SEJ process, both educators and students realise that the solutions lie within themselves; and that alone is tremendously encouraging. They feel confident and inspired to engage with whatever life presents to them and live from a place of openness and joy.


Our young people are our future world leaders and captains of industry as well as parents and influencers, I strongly believe that every educator and student should be empowered with the SEJ in tackling mental health."

Dr Mariko Howard-Kishi

Senior Lecturer Kingston University 

Volunteer Head of Research for the SEJ Kingston University

"Despite our best efforts, sometimes it is hard for teachers to pinpoint what exactly has changed for a child and to understand the reason why they are not their usual self. Children do not always have the skills to understand and communicate to us why they feel different and why their behaviour has changed. Why they feel unhappy, withdrawn, anxious and tearful or angry or emotional. We turned to Jacqueline and have found her input invaluable. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed her sessions, meeting her one to one and chatting, sometimes drawing - always on their terms and with their agreement. They have benefited from Jacqueline’s sessions to be able to explore their feelings and some of the behaviour often associated with them – angry outbursts, temper tantrums, bullying, tearfulness".


Deputy Head Teacher


Jacqueline Phillips’ ”Self Empowerment Journey” sessions have given our children the opportunity to find their voice and to explore and reflect on their feelings. Jacqueline is so skilful in her questioning; gently supporting each child to help them to help themselves! Children learn to manage their own feelings and reactions and to communicate in a way that is healthy. The transformation in children has in many cases - been remarkable! It has been so rewarding to see the positive impact of Jacqueline’s sessions on the children but also on their families."

Deputy Headteacher - Primary School


"When I was first introduced to the idea of self-empowerment and its application in the school situation, I have to say I was a little sceptical; but as many children in my class had issues that didn't fit neatly into a pre-existing 'box', I was prepared to give it a go. As a teacher with many years’ experience, it has been rewarding to be able to share my concerns that, 'something isn't quite right' and have someone with the knowledge and ability to change a child's school experience from bad to good. Talking with, and learning from, Jacqueline has made me evaluate how I teach some children, helping me to help them. Every school needs a Jacqueline in order to show teachers how to help children, for whom every day is difficult. If TAs are given just some of Jacqueline's knowledge, they will be able to help teachers support those children who can sometimes slip through the net."

Teacher - Primary School

"It is my  wish that all teachers, and T. A.'s will study the SEJ, and integrate this powerful process into their work"

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