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Meet Mary

Self Empowerment is the realisation of the True Self beyond the mind….

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

Inspirational speaker, author and  'Seer' of Truth

Named Jacqueline Mary known as 'Mary'

My personal journey into suffering and ultimate freedom began at the age of 14. I was raw and vulnerable, beginning to taste the darkness that is depression.

Fast forward to the age of 28 I had suffered several recurring bouts of depression and had begun to self-harm. I was hospitalised numerous times, had various types of therapy, anti-depressants and other prescription drugs to ease my suffering.

I was told by the professionals that due to genetics and my history of depression, I would most likely suffer with recurring bouts of depression for the rest of my life.  I could take no more and at the age of 28 I no longer wanted to live. 

Then something powerful, and truly mystical happened, I woke up to what I now call 'Truth'.  I had no name for it at the time, I simply experienced a shift in awareness that changed my life forever.


That was over 25 years ago and since that time I have been living a most extraordinary life, helping people from all walks of life to also change their lives. To reach their full potential and live as the extraordinary people they are in Truth, as they put an end to their own personal suffering, and become Self Empowered through the SEJ Processes.

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