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LIBRARY - 12 Universal Laws

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This course is accessed via a recorded video that you have 15 days access to from the date of purchase. Description: What if the Universal Laws are so completely interwoven into your daily life they are easily missed? What if knowing and understanding the Laws gave you the power to become the master of your own destiny? Tips and exercises are given throughout the event alongside key information on how these laws are naturally activated through the SEJ and SEP Processes. Testimonial: “The 12 Laws of Universe event was like nothing I had attended before. Each 'Law' was explained thoroughly and we were given time to reflect and consider how it applied to our current life and what we can change so we can apply the laws into our lives. " Testimonial: "12 Universal Laws is truly an empowering event and brings you the true values and affects each law can have in your life. It allows you to go beyond your beliefs and behaviours that limit you in life." Testimonial: “This event will not only teach you what these laws are but give you tips and exercises to use to apply these laws to your own life, enabling you to live a life free of limitations"




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