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LIBRARY-The Link between Emotion, Vibration,Health

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Description: This powerful workshop teaches us the importance of keeping our vibration high, and how to not only do this, but maintain a high vibration. Mary also shows us the connection between the thoughts we have and the emotions and vibration we emit hence the life we experience. In a simple and easy to grasp explanation Mary teaches us what our default emotion means and how we can raise our vibration. If you feel your emotions are getting better of you and you want to know what you can do to live your life from joy and happiness this is the workshop for you! Testimonial: “This is one of the best and most informative videos I have ever seen on how to maintain positive mental health and joy. I recommend that everyone watches this video as it will change the way we look at mental health.“ Testimonial: “This workshop helped me to become much more self-aware, it made me realise the impact my vibration is having on myself and my life in every moment.” Testimonial: “Gave me a deeper insight and understanding of my emotions on a whole different level. It was the link for me that was missing when I was practicing the SEJ Process, what a profound change this made when not coming from the mind.”





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