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LIBRARY - Creating the Vision

  • 15Days
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Description: This event shows you how to manifest a life of Truth and purpose by reflective exercises and meditation. It includes a share by an SEJ student successfully manifesting their calling by having a single vision of focus and dedication. You will leave this event empowered to clear limiting beliefs so that you may become the limitless SELF that you are in truth. A daily meditation practice and exercises are also shared so that you may enhance or find your unique calling. This course is accessed via a recorded video that you have 15 days access to from the date of purchase. Testimonial: “This workshop showed me how to stay and live from inspiration moment to moment and how to action the vision when inspiration strikes! This workshop kept me motivated even after a few months passed after the event!” Testimonial: “Has such an energy about it, showing how more powerful creating a vision can be when using the SEJ Process and creating consciously. The exercise really demonstrated to me how to reach my full potential when using the SEJ.” Testimonial: “This is such an inspiring video to listen to, if you have a calling that you want to manifest into reality. Creating the Vision shows you how to consciously manifest your vision, by taking inspired action to live in joy.”





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