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LIBRARY - The Art of Sitting in Silence

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Please click on the video below to start the event. This course is accessed via a recorded video that you have 15 days access to from the date of purchase. Description: “Every single one of us has the Truth inside of us. Indeed, we are this Truth.” This event will show you how to access ‘Truth’ through the practice of sitting in silence. Once you access Truth, you are free of fearful thoughts and painful emotions. Putting this skill into the framework of the SEJ process ensures your actions are inspired and as such you can reach your full potential enabling you to become the limitless being that you are in Truth. Testimonial: “If you want to go beyond the (me) and listening to your thoughts in meditation the Art of Sitting in Silence event will do just that, to knowing your true self. It truly is a life changing experience, not to be missed." Testimonial: “The Art of Sitting in Silence event is THE event to attend if you are serious about knowing Who You Are and living from Truth. This event not only had powerful profound teachings (which always is the case with the Monthly events) but had many practical guidance and tips that we can put into practice immediately." Testimonial: “What a truly life changing event this was. Whether you are new to the Sitting in Silence Practice or you are experienced, this is not to be missed."




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