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LIBRARY - Loving your NOW

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Description: This workshop teaches us what TRUE love is and that love is so much more than an emotion. Through a series of reflective exercises, tips and a powerful meditation we learn how our lives might be different if we are loving in every moment. This workshop teaches us that love is action and that NOW is the only moment we have to truly experience our lives not in the future or in past. The workshop helps you overcome the feelings of hate, anger and being judgemental of others, helping you to truly live in LOVE of your NOW. Testimonial: “This workshop touched me deeply. Since the event I have experienced myself and others completely differently when I had confrontations/difficult situations, now I experience them in a compassionate and loving manner.” Testimonial:“ This event gives you the meaning of TRUE LOVE. It helped me overcome the feeling of hate, anger and being judgemental of others, to truly live in LOVE of the NOW.” Testimonial: “Again a life changing video to watch and understand your NOW. For me this was the one that touched my heart. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you The feeling was of Love, Love, Love”





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