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LIBRARY - The Problem with me

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Description: This workshop with free e-book provides comprehensive and thoroughly practical guidance, giving 14 simple yet powerful insights into solving ‘the problem with me’. Looking at why you don’t succeed and how you can. With each of the 14 insights there are daily tips and life changing exercises. This workshop is for everyone who is seeking success, is ready to take ownership and responsibility for their life and live to their full potential. Testimonial: “What an amazing workshop – You are provided with all the steps to enable you to succeed in all areas of your life” Testimonial: “Throughout the workshop I said yes to every single ‘problem’ and I left the workshop feeling empowered and motivated… Success was not in some distant future but right now in my hands. I knew what I needed to do to live as the best version of SELF. This workshop and the accompanying workbook will be my life hack bible! Thank you so much.” Testimonial: “The Success Workshop has definitely deepend my SEJ Practice. “




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