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LIBRARY - Therapy or the SEJ?

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Description: Have you tried lots of different therapies but to no avail? Many who come to the SEJ do so after trying numerous other treatments and therapies. In this event we look at why the SEJ is the missing piece not offered in any other therapy, how it compares to the current therapies available and how you learn to become your own therapist. Testimonial: “Therapy or the SEJ, is a powerful event, that brought me to the realisation that the SEJ Process is a powerful process that takes you away from the psychological suffering through self enquiry, and leads you to a most truly empowered life with profound life changing experiences. Testimonial: “This was such a powerful event that really demonstrated to me how the SEJ is so much different are far more powerful than anything that I had studied before. If you are looking to live a truly empowered life, free from suffering, I cannot recommend this event highly enough"




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