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LIBRARY - The Ripple Effect

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To access this event recording please click on the video. This course is accessed via a recorded video that you have 15 days access to from the date of purchase. Description: Every decision you make creates a ripple effect in all areas of your life. A choice made at work can impact your personal and professional lives. So, how do you ensure the ripple is conducive to reaching your full potential? Watch this training event to find out. Testimonial: “The Ripple Effect video is such a powerful event and gives you a deeper understanding of the SEJ Process and why things happen in all areas of your life when believing a thought. The illustrations throughout the video I felt really shows the effect that just one thought can cause such destruction in your life without really knowing why things are happening. To have such a powerful gift as the SEJ and SAP process in my life ends all that mental suffering. " Testimonial: “ This was such a powerful event as it gives you a much deeper understanding of how our thoughts affect our actions, and how these actions can ripple out and affect areas of your life without you realising. You will then learn how to ensure that the only ripples that you are sending out are ones that will help you reach your full potential. This event really opened my eyes!"




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