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Career Opportunities

It might seem strange that this website is all about empowering you to become your own therapist, and yet here we are asking you to consider a career helping others. However, as you continue to read through each career opportunity we will explain how these key roles still empower individuals to find their own answers, and become Self Empowered, with your support.

Working alongside the Stay Mentally Healthy Charity, we encourage all our qualified SEJ Consultants and Trainers to give some of their time for free in service to the charity. Anyone who wishes to train and is willing to give and agreed amount of their time to the charity will receive discounted training.

Therapy session

SEJ Consultant

"Becoming a qualified SEJ Consultant is both liberating for the consultant and client".


A SEJ Consultant, using the SEJ Process, is taught how to allow space for the client to do the work for themselves. Whilst steering them away from their mind, (as everyone has been programmed to go into their mind for answers). The client is guided into the deeper dimension of truth (as the SEJ is a meditative process of self-enquiry) to find their own answers, whilst simultaneously anchoring and nurturing their ultimate truth and highest potential. 

Once they've had this life changing experience the next natural step is to learn the SEJ for themselves. This of course means they won't keep coming back to you, which is exactly what we want. For you will have empowered your client, by introducing them to the ultimate Self-help tool. In so doing you will of course go on to have many referrals. Finding new clients won't be a problem when you empower the ones you have!

If you have a strong desire to help improve the mental and emotional health of people then becoming a SEJ Consultant is the perfect opportunity to do just that.


​This training is not just for those who wish to work with clients, it is especially useful to parents / carers, and educators in giving children and young people the skills needed to navigate through life with ease and purpose.


So, if you are looking to take your own personal use of the SEJ a step further. Whilst supporting anyone and everyone around you, whether they are paying clients, family, friends, or colleagues, contact us to find out more.


CPD's are available once qualified.

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Business Presentation

SEJ Facilitator

“Sharing what you know, when it can help others, in turn helps yourself.”


​​Becoming a SEJ Facilitator is a volunteer only position. 


Our Facilitators work in conjunction with the Stay Mentally Healthy Charity with the aim of sharing the SEJ Process with everyone regardless of their financial situation. As a Facilitator you can make this happen.

Your training is free and the personal rewards are limitless. Professionally it is an opportunity to learn how to connect with people, be in service, and learn the skills to communicate effectively. It is also a great precursor to becoming a qualified SEJ Trainer.


As a SEJ Facilitator you will have access to various training videos and materials to share with your audience. Your role will be to use the videos and materials to help your audience understand the SEJ Process so they can begin to use it in their daily lives.  The SEJ training is pre-recorded and your role is to facilitate the training.

Please submit an application form to apply.

Business Presentation
Business Presentation
Business People Applauding

SEJ Trainer

“Becoming a SEJ Trainer is an opportunity to further know your SELF"


​To become a SEJ Trainer you must have a desire to share the SEJ with others, enabling them to be free of their limitations as they learn how to apply the SEJ in all areas of their life and with any life situation.

To begin your training you must first qualify as a SEJ Consultant, because being a SEJ Consultant (personally or professionally), means you both fully understand and have experience supporting others with their use of the SEJ Process. After this becoming a professional SEJ Trainer is easy! 

Mary will be your trainer on this bespoke experience and journey into becoming a qualifed SEJ Trainer. 

As a SEJ Trainer you will receive all the training necessary to teach the SEJ to any audience.

Training is bespoke and will lend itself to the following audiences:

1.  Education

2.  Business 

3.  Mental health

4.  General public


​Applicants are required to attend an interview.

CPD's are available once qualified.

Contact us for more information.

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