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Together we will delve into the book, practice the 'contemplations' and discuss how you can become your own therapist!

Become Your Own Therapist
With the SEJ Process

An essential guide to living an empowered life, this book is designed to open you up to the truth that you can become your own therapist!

Mary a lived-experience author, inspirational speaker and trainer, shares in this book her personal mental health struggles. With a history of self-harm, sexual abuse, and recurring depression, in and out of psychiatric hospitals seeking the one therapist that would finally ‘fix’ her. Culminating in attempted suicide Mary woke up to ‘Truth’ and the realisation she was the one she had always been looking for.

In this book Mary will share how you too can become your own therapist, learn how to stay mentally healthy and reach your highest potential. The questions and opportunities to practice self-enquiry will open you up to your own power and truth, as you begin a journey of Self-discovery and empowerment.

'Who Am I?' 

Self Empowerment Journey Handbook

The SEJ Process was born out of Mary's personal mental health problems with depression, self-harm, and eventually attempted suicide, when she had a profound awakening. 


This book guides and supports in your practice of the SEJ Process, it is an invitation to  change your life and end your suffering. Providing vital information and guidance on what the SEJ can do for you, including instructions on how to do the SEJ Process alongside worksheets and real life examples.


This book will take you on a journey of SELF Empowerment, and awakening to the realisation of your True Self beyond the mind. Putting you in touch with a Self that is free of fearful thoughts and painful emotions, free to respond to life rather than react, free to reach your full potential.

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